Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What do Jeremy Lin, Far East Movement, and John Cho have in common?

This is NOT a trick question. Yes, all the people above are Asian, but that is not the answer I am looking for. I'll give you a few seconds to mull the question over..........................

Time's up! The answer is that all of the above people have some Christian influence in their life. As has been reported by the national media, Jeremy Lin is a Christian. I was listening to some Far East Movement music at a friend's house back in 2009. Another friend who was with us mentioned that the members of Far East Movement had become born again Christians thanks to the influence of Jaeson Ma (

The only person I didn't know about was John Cho. I did some quick research on Google last night and was surprised to find that Cho was the son of a PASTOR! Alas, I couldn't find any information on whether Cho is Christan himself. Regardless if Cho is actually Christian or not, I do believe he grew up with a heavy Christian influence that shaped his life to a certain extent.

As I mentioned in my previous blog posting, John Cho, Jeremy Lin and Far East Movement are current and future role models for Asian-Americans due to their visibility in movies, TV, basketball and music.

What I didn't realize at the time was they all had Christian influences. This makes these guys even BETTER role models regardless if you are Christian yourself. Why? The reason is that many high profile movie, TV, basketball and music stars live a life on the edge. These stars do drugs, sleep with many women and run afoul of the law. However, all of these guys seem to stay out of trouble and do what they're supposed to do.

John Cho, Jeremy Lin and Far East Movement are proving that Asians can succeed in movies, TV, basketball and music. However, they are also doing it in a GOOD way which many people (not just Asian-Americans) can appreciate. This alone should make all these guys worthy of our support!


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even though i like far east movement music but the message behind fly like a g6 is not a good example, and i know about the hand sign, to some people it means ok but to other people it could mean the sign of the devil, so what's your thoughts, look at the other singers in their record label, like lady ga ga, even though she has evil messages in her music video, i can't judge her, she helped out on charities with her money and so did FM..

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Truth is I read in an article in a statement given by KevNish he says that the hand sign is in fact the sign language for the letter "F" as in for Far East Movement.